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Our delivery staff is dedicated to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the placement and set up of your building. Years of experience and a passion for customer service set our drivers apart. From purchase to delivery, we want your experience to be outstanding. 


Can’t get a large truck and trailer into your yard? Our drivers carry a unique piece of equipment called a Mule, on their trucks. The Mule is a maneuverable, fork-lift like device to help get your new storage building into tight spots that a truck may not be able to go. The mule also has less impact on your yard than a truck and trailer might. 

With a Mule, the driver can unload your building in the street or driveway. Two wheels are placed under one end of the building. The Mule supports the other end of the storage building allowing the driver to maneuver your building to your prepared site for set up. 


1. What site preparation do I need to do before delivery? 

It is very important that you have a level site for your building. The buildings are designed to rest on their runners. However, to ensure the building is perfectly level, we advise that you have a gravel or concrete pad. If you do not have a gravel or concrete pad, please speak with your dealer about purchasing a block package. 

2. How much space should be allowed to deliver my building? 

A large truck and trailer will be coming to your home to deliver your building. Please have a clear path for access approximately 2’ wider than the building you purchased and 14’ high.(i.e. If you purchased a 10x16 you would need a clear path at least 12’ wide and 14’ high for delivery.) Be sure to take any tree branches, stumps, and utility wires into consideration. 


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