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A healthy layer of mulch protects your bedding from overexposure to the elements. Mulch also helps suppress weeds and slows the loss of moisture. Organic mulch is a great way to gradually improve the quality of your soil fertility. Landscape Solutions has a range of mulch choices to fit your landscaping needs. Are you looking for a specific type or color and don't see it here? Let us know! We will find it for you!

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Stone & Gravel

Stone and gravel are another way to protect your flower beds from weeds and provide great water retention. Stone and gravel aren't likely to scatter due to wind and rains, which is helpful depending on the weather in your area. Landscape Solutions is here to help you decide what kind of coverage works best for your plants and your area! Use stone and gravel to cover flower beds, walkways, as a patio base, or even for decoration!

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Landscaping Supplies
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A lawn is only as good as the work and materials that go into it. That's a fact we're well acquainted with here at Landscape Solutions. We specialize in offering the very best landscaping materials money can buy so you transform your outdoor space into a scenic oasis. We carry every supply you need to give your lawn the care and beauty it deserves including eco-friendly mulch, natural stones, gravel and more. Take a look below to learn more about the materials we have available!

Golden brown mulch

Mulch. You see it in beautifully landscaped lawns, perhaps even in potted plants, and for good reason. Mulch serves a variety of functions that go far beyond aesthetic appeal. It helps create a barrier for your plants and flowers, protecting them from elements and providing the necessary structure they need to thrive. Not only that, but quality mulch also retains moisture for your plants. Have an issue with weeds? Mulch helps with that too by preventing weeds from growing. Quality mulch truly goes above and beyond, and that's what we offer here at Landscaping Solutions. Our mulch is organic, double ground bark that comes in every shade including natural, red, golden brown and black.

Piles of gravel

Gravel is a common material that is formed from a loose aggregation of rocks, stones, and pebbles. It's a multi-use material that serves both aesthetic and functional purposes for outdoor spaces. Many homeowners and business owners alike utilize gravel to pave driveways, parking lots and set foundations for structures such as decks and sheds. Remarkably, gravel can add beauty to your lawn when integrated correctly. Whether you're needing gravel to accent your landscaping or to pave a driveway, we have a variety of gravel types to get the job done beautifully.

Retaining walls

Stone is a strong, beautiful material that can be utilized in a variety of ways, particularly as retaining walls. Arranged in brick-like structures, these stones come in a variety of pleasing natural-toned colors to add the perfect blend of richness to your lawn. At Landscaping Solutions, we can help you select stone retaining walls that will best complement your space. Our specialist can highlight the aesthetic and practical benefits considering the style of your home and the contents of your floral beds. We can promise you the result will be one you and your neighbors can admire.

sod installation

To have the lush, green lawn that neighbors can marvel at with envy, sod is a great alternative. Sometimes due to poor or overexposure of sun and water, you might find various areas where the grass is sparse or nearly non-existent. If this is the case, our experts can install quality sod to grow and thrive over those thinning areas. In fact, for newer homes or business that have no grass, sod is a must-have, and we're readily available to install it. We have a diligent process we follow to ensure sod is implemented properly, that includes prepping the soil beneath and securely laying each section of sod. From there, we roll it tightly into place and recommend a future watering and fertilizing regiment.

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